Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nora Laub - Fashionably Late

So here we are...OVERdue....Homegirl's due date was Wednesday and while we're only 1 day beyond that, from my Dr appointment on Wednesday, it doesn't look like our little lady is coming home any time soon. So we're waiting...we do have a C-Section scheduled for next Wednesday if I don't go in to labor on my own before then, HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that Jas and I aren't prepared to take measures into our own hands.

Exhibit A: The Prego Pizza.
Oh yes, you read that right, a PREGO PIZZA. There is a local pizza parlor in Walnut Creek that has something they call a Prego Pizza. Legend has it that if a pregnant woman orders this pizza she will go into labor within hours. Worth a shot!

Exhibit B: Long Walks
We haven't started these yet (I've been sick and I'll get to that in a moment) - but assuming I get healthy soon, I plan on walking a lot this weekend.

Exhibit C: Being Induced
Technically this CANNOT happen unless I'm at least 3cm dilated by my Tuesday appointment. Something about there is a lot of research showing that women who are trying for a VBAC delivery that get induced before they are at least 3cm dilated have a higher risk of uterine rupture (Doesn't that sound delightful?). So, I will go in at 10:30 on Tuesday for another check and if I'm at least 3cm then I'll be sent upstairs to get induced! If I'm not that far along, then it's back home to to prepare for surgery. Woo!

All of these things are contingent upon the need for me to feel a whole heckofa lot better than I do now. Since last Saturday I've been sick. It started with a nasty sore throat, then moved to my sinuses and is now resting uncomfortably in my ears and's awwwwesome. So, while I would love to meet Nora, I'm actually pretty ok with her staying put until I'm better. I can honestly not imagine going through labor feeling the way I'm feeling.

So for now, it's a waiting game...aside from being sick, I actually feel really good pregnancy wise - which is weird. I would think, most women at this point are screaming "GET THIS CHILD OUT OF ME!" but I'm not there yet...I'm not overly swollen, I can still get around relatively well and ya, I'm feeling oddly ok. I'm kind of hoping something will change in the next 72 hours; either I start feeling better, or I start feeling SUPER uncomfortable so that I have some motivation to get this baby out, because right now - having her safe inside is fine by me!

Here is a pic of me from tonight -40 weeks and 1 day prego and then 1 comparing tonight with what i looked like at 38 weeks with Logan...I can't tell if I'm bigger in one pic over the other but my belly is just different.

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  1. Part of it is your standing up straighter and your hair is different. Sounds crazy the hair part huh? Plus your looking at the camera. But Nora looks a little bigger but isn't that the norm with each child?
    She's a beauty Lil Momma