Sunday, February 3, 2013

Update on Our OTHER Baby...

I know our last few posts here have been all about me and my growing baby bump, so I thought I would give everyone a little glimpse in to our first born, Mr. Logan and all of the awesome things he's been up to!

Homeboy is growing like a weed, let me just put that out there right now. He's over 3' tall and looks more and more like a BIG BOY every day (Breaks my heart a little, not going to lie!). And let me be honest, when I say he's OVER 3', he's over by 1" but hey, over is over, right?!

He shocks us every day with the new words and sayings he comes up with. His personality gets stronger each day and we love it. He keeps Jason and I rolling in laughter every day. Some of the great things he says now are:

1. "Two R's...whaaaa???!" This came about when he was looking at a Trader Joe's bag and reading the letters off to us (those that he knew at least) when he got to the 2nd R in "tRadeR" he exclaimed "2 R's? Whaaaat?" it was hysterical

2. His own twist on the Alphabet Song. Most people know that the end of the ABC song goes 'And now I know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with me" but Logan sings it like this "And now I know by A,B,C,D, time won't you sing with me?" We've tried correcting him a few times, but I secretly LOVE this new version and kind of hope he keeps singing it.

3. No-Filter...we were at the Dr's office the other day (Poor boy has a double ear infection!) and when the Dr realized their birthdays were 1 day apart she got excited and I said "Buddy! You could have a birthday party together" and he looked at me, and at the Dr and said " would be weird" True...very true Logan, it WOULD be weird.

4.  "Where's Logan" is a faaaavorite game right now! He'll hide anywhere and everywhere...under couch cushions, in the pantry, shoot he'll hide right in front of you because when he covers his eyes you OBVIOUSLY can't see him - did you know that?

5. Giving Raspberries to Miss Nora...poor lady in my belly must be wondering "What in the HECK is going on out there?!" haha - but it makes those of us on the outside of the womb laugh hysterically!

Last night Logan spent his first night in his new big boy bed (Just put a rail up on his crib and converted it to a day bed) and he did great! He woke up at 6:30 and got out of bed himself, had a nice conversation with Earl and Chase (Both of whom usually wait outside his bedroom in the morning until he is awake and then they enter to claim their stake on Logan's changing pad for the next several hours; Lazy bums!), and then walked into our bedroom and said "good morning Mommy" it was pretty great :)

He's also been making excellent strides on the whole Potty Training front! We aren't going into full on potty training mode, but we are encouraging it as much as possible and there have been a few times when he's initiated going which is AWESOME.

In terms of prepping for his baby sister's arrival, he actually seems pretty excited. He'll hug and kiss my belly and he knows that her name is Nora and will tell people about her when they ask. He does get a little confused about what's going on inside my belly and has on more than one occasion compared me to beings with large belly's (an orangutan was one example and a family friend who has a little junk in the front was described as someone I look JUST like the other day...thanks buddy) he also mistakenly told Jason that Daddy had a bigger belly than Mommy - don't worry babe, that is absolutely NOT true - we will have a talk if it ever is! haha!

I think that's about it for Logan! Here are some photos to let you see our little man in adorable action!

Posing for a photo in his big boy bed just before bedtime

Hanging Tough at a new local park

As Logan would say, he's "Just Loungin'" in this photo

Telling Mommy to go downstairs (ALLL THE WAY DOWN Mommy) so he could have some "Privacy" (Code for going #2)

Practicing how to rock bay Nora to sleep

Proud Big Brother!

Sweet kisses for baby sister (Let's hope Nora is a big cuter than Mr. "Tomato" head)

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