Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Kai's House"

So tomorrow is the big day...I'm not sure if all of you have heard, but I GOT A JOB!! It's a bit crazy, I know, but it just kind of fell in my lap and I just couldn't turn this opportunity down. I'll be working at The Bridges Golf Club as an assistant banquet coordinator! Some of you may be asking why The Bridges Golf Club sounds so familiar, and it's because that's where Jason and I got married a whopping 2.75 years ago!

To make a long story short, I'll just say that when I was planning our wedding I definitely fell in love with the whole wedding & event planning process and realized that I would much rather have that as my career than a Project Manager for a construction company. Without really know where it would get me, I emailed the main coordinator at The Bridges when Jas and I got back from our honeymoon way back in 2009. I told her to just keep me in mind if any job openings came up, as it was our plan to eventually move up North. We kept in touch here and there throughout the years but she never asked me about any job positions until January of this year - which is just one month after we moved to San Ramon (2.5 miles away from The Bridges to be exact)! When she emailed me initially, she said that while she would have to go through their standard hiring protocol of posting the job position online, she wanted to see if I was interested first because she thought I would be perfect for this jaw hit the floor at that point. Of course I told her I was definitely interested and couldn't wait to hear more. About one month later, she asked me to come in for an interview with herself and the catering coordinator. I did just that, and when I left, I felt like I had gotten the job! It didn't seem like they had interviewed anyone else, and from the way the gals were talking, it didn't seem like it was in their plan to talk to anyone else! Could this really be happening!? Then about two weeks after my interview, I got an email asking me to join their team! I couldn't believe it and I am so excited! So it's a part time assistant position that only requires me to work 9-5 Fridays and Saturdays. I'll be helping out the two coordinators with anything they need as well as giving tours of the venue to potential clients, writing contracts for events and answering phones etc. It's such a great position for me at this time. I really wouldn't want any thing more that would keep me away from Logan right now so it's just absolutely perfect.

So along with tomorrow being my first day at a new job, it's also the first time I'll be leaving Logan for more than a couple hours since quitting my job last November! I'm definitely feeling some apprehension about leaving my little laubster, but I think we found a great woman to watch him so I know once we get into a routine all will be good. The gal who will watch him just on Fridays (As Jason will watch him on Saturdays) is a gal form my Mom's group. She has 1 son a little older than Logan and his name is Kai and then an 8 month old daughter named Evie. They live in Danville, just about 15 minutes away. Logan and I have gone over to their house twice to est things out. The first time was just for a couple hours to make sure the kids all got along, and the second was in the afternoon so Logan could eat lunch over there and take a nap there (I put him down for the nap so he could be ok with everything). Both times went great. He did end up napping the second time, but it took some time to get him to go down and he only slept for 1 hour (As opposed to his regular 2 hours). The gal watching him really seems great though. She's a former preschool teacher and she has her masters in nutrition so she's really into feeding her kids healthy food which I love! Kai and Logan got along great, and I think that everything will go just fine...I just have to get over leaving my little munchkin tomorrow morning!

All day today I've been prepping Logan for tomorrow (aka prepping MYSELF for tomorrow) and have been telling him that he's going to spend the day with Kai and Kai's mommy and that his own Mommy won't be there with him. Periodically throughout the day I would ask him where he's going tomorrow and got a very sweet "Kai's house" response...I finally caught a video of it this afternoon (Ignore the first part as something settled in our trash can and made a loud noise that startled Logan a bit...and he thought either a cat was in there or Elmo...who else?), enjoy!


  1. Haha - love that video! What a cutie. Congrats on the new job - sounds perfect!

  2. Oh my word, he is SOOOO cute! I love his little voice and facial expressions :)