Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ducks, Frogs and Cows! Oh My!

Logan and I went on a nature walk today and it was SO much fun! I loaded my little buddy in the stroller and we walked on the neighborhood sidewalk for about 10 minutes until we got to a walking trail/path, then I let Logan out of the stroller and had him lead the way! The trail was fenced in on both sides, with houses to the left of us and a creek to the right. As we were walking we heard birds chirping, saw rocks and flowers, and even encountered a REALLY cool sighting that Logan just could NOT stop talking about for the rest of the day (See video below).

We also heard a frog "Ribbit" in the creek which was quite exciting for our little explorer. Our final destination of the walk was an awesome park, that is literally 10 minutes from our home, but I wanted to get out and explore the neighborhood so we ended up going the long way and were out and about for 2 hours! It was awesome! When we rounded the corner and Logan saw the park he was beyond excited! I'd been telling him all morning we were going to a park, but I think he was beginning to lose hope after about 20 minutes...

There are cows all around us here in San Ramon (Which is TOTALLY weird to me), they just sit up on the hills and Moo from time to time...well, right around 12pm today the cows started MOOing up a storm! I looked to one of the hills and sure enough, there were the cows Mooing like crazy and RUNNING! I've never seen a cow run before...they always just wander or stand there...I honestly didn't know they had the ability to run (I know - stupid statement, but I'd just never seen a cow move faster than a shuffle before). Hearing the cows so close and so loud also excited Logan and he started Mooing right back at them! Hilarious!

We got home and I made Logan lunch then put him to bed for a 2 hour nap - YES! He woke up, we ran a quick errand then came back home for some play time before dinner! Jason will be happy to know that I put up some color posters in Logan's play room so I can start working with him on his colors - I've been MEANING to do something like this for quite some time now, but haven't gotten around to it for one reason or another, but we started today and we'll continue for as long as we need to!

Enjoy the pictures from our nature hike! Ducks, Frogs and Cows - Oh My!

Mommy's Little Helper!

Hunting Ducks

Mom! Did you hear that????

I heard a DUCK!

So sweet...

Taking a break

Not all who wander are lost

Ssshhhh...we're hunting duckies!

Discovering shadows!

Berry Break at the park!

Logan! Quit growing up!!

Deep in thought (And VERY ready for a nap!)

Even after a 2 hour nap, SOMEONE was VERY grumpy when he woke up!

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  1. Great expedition, Ash! Loved watching the video and what you caught in his expressions as you made all your stops along the way. The last "grumpy" picture is priceless! Love it - and you guys!