Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yikes! Long time, no post!

Wow...I can't believe it has been this long since I posted last...I've been a tad bit busy and a lot bit tired...so unfortunately, that means the Laubster Tale got pushed to the side while everything else (aka LIFE!) got some much needed attention! I know that Logan's Grandparents and GREAT-grandparents and other family members somewhat depend on this blog to get updates on their favorite little laubster, so I'm sorry for keeping you all in the dark for so long! I'll give a quick summary of how the little man is doing, what he's up to and of course, upload tons o' photos for you to giggle over :)

Logan just had his 15 month check up and while I wasn't able to take him to this appointment (First one EVER!!), I did get the stats from Lisette - he is 32.25" long (75%-ile...HOLLA!), and 26lbs (50%-ile). She didn't remember his head circumference, but I know at his 1 year check up, the doctor was happy that his head had stopped growing as fast as it had been and was placing on the growth chart at more normal levels.

From photos I've posted on Facebook, once comment keeps coming up "Wow, he sure does look like his Mommy now" or "I can see Underhill in him for sure" (Underhill is my Mother's maiden name)...I don't see it as much. Probably because when I look at Logan I still see that smooshed up little face that was wrapped up snug as a bug in his hospital blanket when they first wheeled him to me and all I could see what Jason. From the nose, to the chin, the little ears and his eyes- it was as if someone had shrunk my husband and swaddled him in a baby blanket. Some days though, when I look at Logan and see his bright blonde hair, or his big round eyes, and those chubby cheeks, I do see my side of the family. I hope that he'll be a good mix of both of us as he continues to grow.

Here are some other stats on the little man:

- He can currently tell you where his NOSE, EYES, EARS, and MOUTH is...and on a good day, he'll tell you where his belly button is (But he likes showing you where YOURS is more)

- He can "do his hair" in the morning while watching Mommy or Daddy (Rubs his hands along both sides of his head...I think it's more of an impression of Daddy)

- He is RUNNING basically, who needs walking when RUNNING gets you there SO much quicker?

- He is wearing 18 month clothing

- He loves imitating words you say: Earl ("ooool"), Bird, Water ("Wa-Wa"), Bottle ("Baa-Baa"), Door, 

- He can OPEN doors now (Jason experienced this this past weekend as they were reading books in Logan's room, then Logan signaled that he wanted to get down...Jason put him on the ground, he walked over to the door, opened it and walked out to the living room....awesome!)

- He loves turkey spaghetti, milk, water, Gerber puffs, string cheese, eggs, quiche, hummus...really anything, he's a VERY good eater!

I think that's about it so here are some recent photos of the little guy to give you all some insight on how he's doing!
He loves bubbles!

Wearing Daddy's shirt is fun!

I hope he's not laughing because he's about to run over his stuffed animal...

Boxes are fun to play in!


Don't mess with me Kitty

So handsome!

A Laubster loving Laubsters



This is Logan "Blowing his nose"

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