Saturday, October 24, 2009

Symptoms Are Fun!

So it's been almost 1 week since we found out we were expecting (We initially took 2 tests...both of which came up positive....a few days later, still not convinced, Ash took 2 more...again, both positive...and then, 2 days later, STILL not convinced, Ash took 1 more...positive assured, she now fully believes she's Pregnant!). As the pregnancy has progressed, it's more obvious to Ash that she didn't need to pee on a stick to know for sure there's a little one growing inside...the symptoms have been hard to miss!

Ash has been nothing but tired lately! Coming home at 6, eating (more on that later) and then dozing off on the couch! Thank goodness it's flu season so she can blame her fatigue on feeling flu-like to her co-workers and suspicious friends.

If you're reading this blog, you are obviously a close person in Ashleigh & Jason's life and therefore you know that Ashleigh is not the worlds biggest eater...well, throw those old ideas aside, because Mama is eating! Normally, Ash eats small bits and pieces every couple of hours...but recently she's been hungry enough to eat full meals every 2 hours! At lunch one day she ordered fish & chips and ate the ENTIRE plate....ALL of it. It was so out of character that one of her co-workers looked at the plate, then at her and said "Wow Ash...I've never seen you eat so much!" A little embarrassing, yes...but once the word is out then it won't seem so strange.

Jason always teases Ash that her nose is broken- because she can NEVER smell anything that he smells (Ash's note: Why does that mean MY nose is broken? Maybe it's HIS...duh!). Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, Ash started noticing that every time she walked into their bedroom she smelled this OVERWHELMING musty smell...especially in the closet. She asked Jason if he smelled that- he had no idea what she was talking about. As the week went on, more and more smells started being so bold- but still, Jason smelled nothing! After Ash remembered a story her friend Jen told her about HER sense of smell during her first pregnancy, Ash had her first idea that she may be pregnant. 3 weeks later, it was confirmed!

This isn't a symptom that Ash has been feeling, but one thing we've noticed is that the CATs have been acting funny. This could be due to many reason: a) Jason is out of town b) they are sensing the change in my hormone levels c) they're cats...who the heck knows why they do what they do! But, Earl has been a bit distant. He'll hop up and begin to cuddle with Ash, but as soon as he gets near her belly, he'll shy away and leave the area. It's making Ash pretty sad, because she would love for Earl to be a big cuddle bug friend for the little one, so hopefully he'll come around with time. Chase, is the complete opposite- he's NUTS! Granted, this could be due to the fact that he's a kitten, but he has been acting EXTRA ridiculous this week. Keeping Ash up all hours of the night- scratching the door, hurling himself at the door, trying to open up the door by the door handle (Seriously) with Earl, hopefully this behavior changes with time!

There are a few other changes going on, but those 3 are the top ones we've noticed so far. Most of the books or articles we've read talk about morning sickness beginning somewhere between weeks 6 and 8...Ash is praying that she is spared from that symptom! She's been asking her belly to be kind and do without that portion of this cycle...we'll see!

The first Doctor visit is next Thursday- we're hoping to be able to get an ultrasound and actually see our little Poppy Seed (That's how big the baby is supposed to be at 4 weeks).

More on the Laubsters later!

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